In an effort to make it easier for our clients to pay for routine wellness care for their pets, we have developed a low cost monthly payment plan that will ensure your pet gets the regular care it needs. When you sign up for a preventative health care plan, a small monthly payment will be automatically taken from your checking account each month which will pay for wellness visits when they are due. You would never have to worry about delaying an appointment because of finances.

Besides covering basic wellness visits, our plans also offer discounts on other services and products to make them more affordable as well. It is our goal to keep your pet healthy by preventing diseases or catching them early on so that they can be treated successfully.

The plans do not cover visits, however, when your pet is sick or injured. If you choose, there are a number of private insurance companies that offer pet health insurance for those situations. We can provide you with additional information should you be interested in purchasing pet health insurance.

Please review the plans on the following pages carefully before signing up for one. Our staff will be happy to go over the details and answer any questions you might have. Please see the plans below, you may fill them out, print them, and bring them into the clinic.

Dog Plans Cat Plans